January 3 – Mexicans Are People Too

Mexican FlagToday I ordered a Mexican flag from Amazon to fly on my porch. It was only about $5! Probably  made cheaply in…Mexico for the American market.

Look folks, the reason so many poor countries around the world ARE poor and ARE shitholes is because we (America, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany etc.) robbed and murdered the SHIT out of them for about 400 years, and now we’re blaming them because they can’t get their shit together and become wealthy. And when they try to cross into our county to get a better life where they’re not starving and dying of preventable disease and dirty water we get all self righteous and like oh, you need an education and some money and a legal visa to get here. Because like, WE haven’t done anything wrong here in the promised land.

Like destroy the Native Americans and then act like oh, we’re the blessed people, this isn’t just our country by LUCK, you know, we work hard and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, you dirty lazy Mexicans. BULLSHIT.

Trauma people, historical trauma. Oppression. Lateral oppression. That’s why Donald Trump is such an idiot. Well, one of the reasons.

Why I Do What I Do

Therefor, I stand with Mexico. I stand with the Mexican people. My granddad was raised on a ranch in Texas by his English father, who was a real nasty piece of work. My poor granddad was actually raised by a kind Mexican family who lived on the land and worked for his father. They had far more compassion for this motherless little boy than his father ever did; my grandpa could speak Spanish before he learned English.

I plan to fly this Mexican flag proudly from my porch. Wanna join me? The Syrian flag will probably be next. I already had a Tibetan prayer flag flying. We need to pray for the future of this country, that’s for sure. Grandpa Bill, this one’s for you.


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