January 4 – Earth Justice

Today, I was surfing Facebook when an ad came up…normally I don’t like that. I hate commercialization and capitalism with an equal fervor. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, I have lived in Europe, and one of my best friends here in America is Swedish so I know all about socialism. Plus, two of my very best friends in cycling around Asia are British.

So…this org. is called Earth Justice and they’re asking that you sign a petition to Donald Trump about clean energy. Newsflash: I don’t think he cares. I am pretty sure he doesn’t care about clean energy or the destruction of the planet, because he doesn’t think he or his kids or grandkids will be around to see it. Or maybe he only cares about his aging self, and doesn’t give a shit if his descendants have to live in horrible conditions. But see, I believe in reincarnation, so whatever happens to the planet is definitely going to affect me, as I will be around, and around, and around again.

Signing the Earth Justice petition took about 3 seconds. You’re welcome.



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