January 7 – This Is Not a Pledge Drive

Neil DeGrasse TysonToday I called my local Public Radio affiliate and made sure that the donation I promised during the last pledge drive has, in fact, been taken out of my bank account.

The donation was in memory of a friend of mine, Norvel Trosst, who was a beloved NPR host here in our community until his death from cancer. He was known for the wearing of colorful scarves, his love of music and chess, his professional photography, and his quirky artistic bent. And, he was the partner of my good friend Z.

What You Can Do About It

Why is a donation to Public Radio a slap in the face of The Donald? Two words:

  • Fox.
  • News.

Donald can’t stomach criticism. Well, Public Radio is going to criticize him plenty, pointing out that the Emperor has no clothes. They have no commercials, no cash cows, no sacred taboos in the news room, aren’t beholden to any product. They’re free to say what they like…and they do. In this great country of ours, the press is supposed to keep a check on the President and the other powerful people–not the other way around. The press is your voice, people. The voice of justice, the voice of outrage, the voice that will not be silenced. How you noticed how many times Donald Trump will say to the media, *Be Quiet, or Shut UP,* when they are speaking to him?

It’s 2:00 pm–Do You Know Where Your First Amendment Is?

Freedom of the Press (plus Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, etc.) is absolutely as sacred a right to all Americans as is the Freedom to Use Your AK-47 That Was NOT Used By George Washington & Co. Or Even Dreamed Of and must be respected. Yeah. It’s the First Amendment. It came BEFORE the Second Amendment!

Censorship a la the Republic of Myanmar, also known as Burma, where articles in the state newspaper are published with words, lines, and paragraphs blocked out in black ink, must NOT be allowed to happen here. That’s as anti-American as it gets. So please.

Support Public Radio, Public Television, and your local newspaper, especially the tiny ones in communities of less than 2,000 people. These are your friends and neighbors, the ones that will tell you the truth. Not their truth, not Trump’s truth, but THE truth. (Thank you, Westmoreland News.)


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