February 4–March For Science

Science is not a liberal conspiracy T ShirtToday I marked April 22 on my calendar under SAVE THE DATE. April 22 is the day that citizens around the nation will March for Science. Why is this important?

Well, as a person who got sick with many polluted environment-related diseases, I want clean water, clean air, and clean, non-GMO food. I don’t want vaccines either.

Segregation Never: Integration Now

Everybody wants to live in a clean environment, but big greedy corporations and politicians like Trump and wealthy, wealthy people want it for themselves and their friends and family, but think they can pollute other parts of the planet and it won’t ever affect them. Listen, you morons, We Are All One! We are all connected.

That’s why I ordered Neal de Grasse Tyson’s Science Is Not a Liberal Conspiracy T-shirt (in purple). Because people need to be smarter about not shitting in their own nest–the planet Earth. It’s not like we can leave once it gets totally messed up.

My shirt is here, but I can’t get to the post office right now as our car is stuck in its on-street parking lot. Our city got 8 inches of snow yesterday. It bummed me out, but I know its a first world problem. At least we’re not buried under a mound of trash or dirty oil–not YET.

Meme of someone sick with gulten poisoningPollute the Environment, Pollute Yourself


When I was young, I travelled around the world. I visited some quite unsavory places (Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Japan, Thailand) in terms of food safety and environmental non-regulation. This resulted in my catching Type 1 diabetes, which my doctor said was linked to mysterious *environmental factors* that were as yet poorly understood. What happened is that I got a virus, which destroyed part of my pancreas.

Wheat Gluten Intolerance

About 8 years ago, I began having intestinal trouble–vomiting and diarrhea became a frequent part of my life. Because of American GMO wheat, I can no longer eat bread, pizza, bagels or anything with gluten in it at all. I was told by another person who developed non-celiac gluten intolerance that when he and his wife went to FRANCE, all his symptoms disappeared and he was able to eat French bread, French quiche, French pastries and more with no problems.

I have a world-traveler artist friend who is lactose-intolerant, but only here in the US. On her trips to New Zealand, Australia, and England she has been able to eat yoghurt and drink milk to her heart’s content.

Today I joined the Sierra Club.

Dalai Lama photoWhat if Reincarnation is Real?

Can 800 million Hindus, 300 million Buddhists, and 1 million New Agers be wrong?

Actual Documented and Proven (True) Fact: The early Catholic church believed in reincarnation for 300 years after Christ’s death. Reincarnation lost out as a doctrine at the Council of Nicea  in 325 AD–by a vote of 5 to 4.

You see the thing is, these stupid politicians who don’t care if their grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren inherit a fucked-up shithole that’s polluted to a fare-thee-well, what they don’t understand is, What if Reincarnation is Real? These idiots think that they’re not going to be here, but what if they are? And what if next time around, they’re not born white and privileged? What if next time, they get born in the Sudan? Or on a reservation with an oil pipeline running through it? The mills of God grind slowly, my friends, but they grind exceedingly small…


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