February 23–Support for Transgender People

poster saying transgender is not a choice but choosing to hurt someone isDonald Trump seems to be attacking transgender people. This is not o.k. One of my best friends happens to be transgender. I travelled the world with this person and they mean the world to me. Because of them, I know I need to speak up.

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington, a Democrat, is standing up to Trump. He is asserting state’s rights not to comply with the federal government. (I thought the GOP was AGAINST big government…?!) I contacted him via Facebook/email today with my feedback.

Dear Gov. Inslee:

Thank you for supporting our transgender population. I voted for you and you are totally living up to the confidence I had in you as a politician. One of my very best friends is transgender so this issue means a lot to me. I am so proud to be a citizen of this state.
My Name Here,

Give ‘Em Hell, Harry!

Two Spirit drawing of eaglesI think it is important to give politicians our feedback when we either love or hate something they’re doing. Otherwise, they’re just barking into the dark (thank you Linda B.)! I know from sending out a newsletter that it is pretty rare to get feedback and you sometimes wonder if anybody is even paying attention.
When I worked at KAI, a Native American company here in Spokane that works with the federal government to better the lives of Alaska Natives and American Indians, I learned that before First Contact with Europeans, many Native American cultures thought that Two Spirit people were especially blessed by the Creator. Who are we to say that they are not?

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