February 24-The Healing Chain

astral light body in meditationYears ago, I had the privilege of working for an exceptionally gifted newswoman, my dear friend and editor Lynn N. Her computer screensaver was a reminder of what she believed, a quote about Truth and Beauty by John Keats. Now, this same lady has started an email chain of healers.

Every few days, she activates this long email chain that stretches across America and beyond, to friends in England and Belgium, with requests for prayers, visualizations and healing light for those in need.

Created by Divine Light

I believe Lynn (and we) is and are creating the exact opposite of an evil Tulpa–the type created by the fear and anger currently being spread by the likes of Donald Trump–positive light and energy going forth into the Universe. At the very least, the people being prayed for are on the receiving end of actual messages of love and support from not only friends and relatives, but complete strangers. That’s got to make the world better.

Truth and beauty indeed.

When asked to pray for someone, since my higher power is the Dalai Lama, I visualize putting them in the Divine Light. And I recite the Divine Light Meditation discovered by Swami Sivananda Radha:

  • I am created by Divine Light
    I am sustained by Divine Light
  • I am surrounded by Divine Light
  • I am protected by Divine Light
  • I am ever growing into Divine Light. Ever growing into Divine Light.

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