February 26–Wild Women Help Other Women

MardiBras LogoMy friend who is a social worker was asked by someone at our local women’s shelter if she could donate. She said, “Hell, I’m part of a generous Wild Women group–we will ALL donate.”

Therefore, today is Sunday, and I’m invited to the Mardibras brunch for the Wild Women. That’s like Mardigras, only we are donating gently-used bras, new underwear, travel-sized toiletries, and feminine hygiene products to the shelter.

Apparently when women flee abusive situations, they often need things like those above.

Is Melania Abused?

I have to wonder about Melania Trump. Is she a rich, mean, slutty girl? Is she abused by Donald? Some combination? I don’t know. Ivana Trump claimed in her divorce papers that Donald abused and raped her. Then took it back, allegedly for hush money. Marla Maples hasn’t said anything that I know of. So I just don’t know.

I do know that whoever you are, domestic violence is an assault on your basic human rights. Wealthy women can be abused. Men can be abused. Supporting the local shelter is an assertion of what I believe to be right. And I’m going to keep doing it.

If you don’t know of any local places to donate, I believe Robin McGraw’s foundation is doing some good.


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