March 4–The Least Of These Shelter Dogs

Dusty the dog
Dusty is looking for his forever home right now at the Spokane Humane Society.

In Matthew 25, Jesus said: “Whatsoever you do to the least of these, you do unto me.” He mentions the hungry, thirsty, homeless, naked, sick, and imprisoned etc. I have extrapolated this to mean humans who are:

*illegal immigrants
*lonely and friendless

But of course also and always…the animals. Especially the animals people have thrown away. Jesus said “brothers and sisters.” It brings to mind how the Native Americans often called birds and other animals “Little Brother” or “Little Sister.”

Learning to Crochet

Are you a well-trained human servant? Apply to Benjamin at the Spokane Humane Society.
Are you a well-trained human servant? Apply to Benjamin at the Spokane Humane Society.

There is no such thing as coincidence, as they say in the TV crime shows I love. By random co-incidence, my friend T. just taught me to crochet a few months ago. While I was in the hospital she swung by with a beautiful ball of variegated yarn and a crochet hook for me, and it really made the time go by. But there are only so many scarves you can knit for yourself and girlfriends…

A public library near me just tweeted that a Knitting Group is having an event this month where they will meet at the public library, and knit OR CROCHET (emphasis mine) blankets for shelter dogs. The blankets go home with the dogs when they leave, so something familiar goes with them.

Well, I don’t know if dogs really want/need/like blankets. Mine are big enough that they don’t need warm clothes…BUT I know HUMANS like beautiful blankets. So I have a feeling that something like that might persuade more people to adopt, if it leads to cuter pictures.

So for this entire month, while I watch TV, I will crochet blankets for shelter babies. Then I will donate.

You don’t have to knit or crochet to donate to your local shelter. According to an article I read recently, most shelters are in need of all sorts of household things (things you might want to get rid of) like old newspapers (to line crates) and plastic bags (for picking up poop) etc. So call and see what they need! Got unwanted office supplies? They might need those too.

The Event Information

Library Knitting Club Making Blankets for Pets

Crocheted blanketHappiness may be a warm puppy, but the Well-Knit Tale Knitting Club at the Coeur d’Alene Public Library wants to create something to keep that puppy warm.
Participants are knitting/crocheting blankets for the shelter animals at the Kootenai Humane Society during March.
Anyone is welcome to join the club Tuesdays, March 7 and 21, 2:30-4 p.m., in the Jameson Room to work on the blankets. All skill levels for knitting and crocheting welcome. Bring yarn, needles, patterns, and projects if you have them. Refreshments will be provided.
You can also knit/crochet blankets at home and then drop them off at the library.

The blankets will be given to the Humane Society and will go home with pets as they are adopted to provide something with which they are familiar. For more information, contact Mary at .

Patrons who need accommodation to participate in library programs or services are asked to contact the staff prior to the activity by calling 208-769-2315.


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