March 12–Restoring Wildlife

i live near the north cascades, where there used to be lots of bearsLike the Native American tribes in Idaho, I am in favor of wolf restoration. I am also in favor of grizzly bear restoration. Recently a plea came up on Facebook:

The Department of the Interior is considering a proposal to reintroduce grizzly bears to the North Cascades.

Well, I thought, awesome. It’s wild country with no towns. There is a National Park. It was home to the bears for centuries. I say we put them back and try to right the wrongs that humans have done to these sentient creatures. But, time is running out.

Respect the Bears

Growing up in a Forest Service family in Idaho, I know that wild bears, especially the Grizz, aren’t cuddly, cute, or friendly. I’m not Timothy Treadwell; I’m not overly sentimental about the presiouc littel things. Grizzly bears are ferocious predators–fierce and dangerous. Sometimes unpredictable. But they were here before us, and they deserve their place in nature.

I believe that God created them for a reason, and He didn’t mean for us to hunt them into extinction.

You have TWO DAYS to leave a comment. Please do so. I did. I hope it helps.




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