March 13–Endorse the Spokane Public Library Levy NOW

YesWhoever said that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing forgot about the procrastinators. I’m one. I mean to do good things, but without a prompt, sometimes I put it off, delay, think I’ll deal with it later, and then an important deadline passes. And my opportunity to do good goes with it.

Here’s one we really need to act on, before the deadline passes.

Vote. And Vote YES for the Library

Of all the City services that I pay taxes for, only TWO departments have ever given me anything of value: The Parks and Recreation department, which offers low-cost outdoor adventures for all, including city youth, and the public library system.

They offer adult education classes and computer access to the poor. They provide warm carrels to sit in and a quiet space for the homeless. They research any question you put to them…and of course, there are the books.


Vote YES on April 25, 2017,  to approve the City of Spokane Measure No. 1, renewing the existing levy lid lift for the Spokane Public Library regarding expanded Library operations and services. This levy lid lift will continue the existing levy at the current rate for duration of seven years (2018–2024).


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