March 24–Blessings Under the Bridge

blessings under the bridge logoA former coworker of mine belongs to a church group that helps the homeless in my city of Spokane. They don’t push Jesus on the homeless, they just try to love them. One year I went and helped at a Christmas party they threw in a parking lot under the highway underpass. There was a tree, heaters, gifts, haircuts and shaves, a nice meal…all sorts of stuff. It was awesome. There were a lot of children there, which broke my heart.

Today, or rather tonight, Blessings Under the Bridge is spending a night out in the bitter cold, sleeping on cardboard like the real homeless do to raise awareness and of course money for their cause.

A pastor I knew in Virginia once told me that we are all just a few paychecks away from being homeless. What a scary thought. I have enough friends and relatives that I don’t think this would ever happen to me, but what if you don’t?

Here is the letter Blessings Under the Bridge sent me:

The Pitch

Christmas party for the homelessDear Friend,

Blessings Under the Bridge is asking for your help to kick off an incredible 2017 full of hope, love and acceptance for the men, women and children in need here in the Spokane community.  Together along with all of our incredible sponsors and donors, we served over 18,000 people in 2016. Over 75% of our support came directly from the local businesses, groups and friends with “merciful” hearts like yours right here in the Spokane area.

On Friday March 24th 2017… I, along with what we are hoping to be hundreds of supporters, will come together under the bridge in an effort to help raise homeless awareness here in the Spokane area.  Each of us will be spending the long cold night, with only a cardboard bed, lying flat on the cold, hard concrete for 12 hrs.  My self and others will also pack around up to 20lbs on our backs the entire time. This movement will help create a raw, small, spec of understanding for what our friends truly experience day in and day out.

teen volunteersI am asking for you to not only join me, but support me.  It cost BUTB roughly $7.00 to serve one person every week. This includes the cost of food, labor, operating costs, etc.  For every hour I will spend outside I am seeking a $7.00 donation of Mercy to help one person or $14.00 for two. This is not going to be a night of fun by any means, but for me it will be worth every second.  One night of freezing hands and toes, exhaustion and backaches, is minimal compared to what our friends in Spokane’s homeless community deal with night after night.  Will you please help motivate me to do this? Your support would mean so much to me but even more to those we serve.

____Yes, I will sponsor you for $7.00 an hour ($84.00) ____Yes, I will sponsor you for $14.00 an hour ($168.00) ____Yes, I will join you under the bridge from 7pm-7 am for a min $25.00 donation ____Yes, I would like to go above and beyond and make a donation of $___________

group shot of Xmas partyYour Merciful support can be made at BUTB.ORG or you can send a check to 7503 E Sprague Spokane Valley, Washington 99212.

Thank you so much for all your support and friendship!

“You know what the hardest part of being out here is? Feeling your hands and toes go numb and waking up stiff from sleeping on the ground and lugging your backpack with everything you own around with you. Praying no one steals it when you’re asleep or turn your back.” ~ Bernie


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