March 30–Shop And Donate

animal rescue site logoI hate our consumer culture in America. But, I’m human…and a woman…and I do enjoy certain kinds of shopping…and there are things I simply need. Like slippers, and pajamas. Well, why not get them here? I have to get them from somewhere.

The Animal Rescue Site has some of the cutest stuff I’ve ever seen…

71 Bowls of Food

Recently, I needed a sweatshirt, so instead of going to Old Navy, where I bought my last one…I saw a tye-dyed, made in Nepal, gorgeous one from the Animal Rescue Site. I bought it and donated $15 to the animals to get free shipping.

The site told me I had made the donation of 71 bowls of food possible. How? Pay-per-click advertising through parent corporation CharityUSA. (The same organization that sponsors The Rainforest Site, another favorite of mine for original and colorful clothing.)


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