March 31–Hit Them Where It Hurts

tree kangaroos
Tree kangaroos in captivity at the San Diego Zoo, where my husband and I were a few years ago

Donald Trump is truly the Teflon President–nothing sticks, no matter what is thrown at him. His Teflon skillet is made of lies.

But we can hit him where it hurts–in his wallet! Since there are no Trump hotels that I know of in Washington or Idaho for me not to stay at, I can’t boycott him directly.

The Bottom Line

But here are some companies who are doing things I don’t like, and I CAN let them know about it.

Earlier this year, Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson and Colgate-Palmolive were accused by Greenpeace of failing to make sure their products did not contain palm oil grown on deforested land.

Deforestation of rainforest in Indonesia. Attractive, isn’t it?!!!

Why is this a big deal? Sumatran elephants, Indonesia tree kangaroos, elephants and other indigenous animals are facing habitat loss and possible extinction because the rainforest is being cut down for palm oil plantations.

One person not buying their products and writing them to tell them why isn’t going to do diddly-squat.


So I need your help. All of you. Thanks! As a spokesperson for Greenpeace said in the article above, people should be able to eat a snack or brush their teeth without pushing the Orangutangs closer to extinction.


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