April 01–At the Womens and Childrens Free Restaurant

So my husband and I just happened to get married in a church that served as the HQ for a local charity. The church member who helped us get the basement all ready for the reception told us that if we had any leftovers, she would welcome their donation. Turned out she was also the chef for the Women’s and Children’s Free Restaurant.

So we did. It made us feel good to think that we were starting off our married life by helping people in need. The food was good, too. There were turkey rolls from Costco, sliced meats and cheeses, vegetables and dip, and of course, copious amounts of cake. Three kinds of cake.

Today I am going to a benefit tea for this same charity. The church has changed hands a few times and now bears a sign in Cyrillic lettering (we have a lot of Russians here) but the charity lives on. The tea is being held at the Davenport Grand, a very swanky local hotel. My friend Rosie and I will be table captains for a group of 8, and decorate our own table. I shall wear a hat.

Women’s and Children’s Free Restaurant


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