February 28–Man & Superman

I am now signed up for alerts from the Reeve Foundation, the nonprofit started by Christopher and Dana Reeve. Here are some true facts about Congress and the ACA:
I trust this information. I respected the Reeves, most especially after he became paralyzed and she got breast cancer, yet they were STILL trying their best to help others. Some Hollywood stars could learn a lesson from this…and politicians too.
Dear Holly,
There has been a lot of talk lately that Republicans have plans to repeal, replace, or “repair” the Affordable Care Act (ACA). While nothing has been set in stone yet, here are some key facts about what is going on in Washington, D.C. with regards to healthcare.
Congress starting on the repeal/replacement for the ACA
In January, the Senate passed legislation that allows them to make changes to the ACA without the threat of a filibuster. Since then, however, other than introducing several different proposals and devoting many hours to floor speeches, no other legislative work has been done. In other words, we’re no closer to repeal or a replacement than we were on the day President Trump took office.
The timeline
Despite what some officials have promised, the ACA is simply too big to repeal or amend so swiftly. Republican staff members on the key committees with jurisdiction over the law acknowledged this. Remember, the bill took months to write and pass and years to implement.
The replacement plan (if there is going to be one)
On February 15, House Republican leadership released a memo outlining their plan which calls for a refundable tax credit based on a person’s age to help people afford coverage. The more conservative wing of the party floated their own plan which would de-couple health insurance from employers, offer a tax credit of up to $5000 to fund Health Savings Accounts, and eliminate most regulations on what health plans must cover. Both plans are still in their early stages and have not addressed many key facets of the ACA.
The effects on Medicaid
There is still debate on how to address Medicaid under the revised healthcare act. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has said that any replacement should accommodate states that expanded Medicaid under ACA. However, the more conservative wing, known as the Freedom Caucus, would end ACA’s Medicaid expansion outright.
Next steps
Republicans will likely begin work on the leadership’s proposal the week of February 28; this will be the first point we’ll see any movement. Should any provisions of the bill appear to be detrimental to the mobility impaired community, we will launch a campaign to fight back and tell legislators to do what’s right.
Sign up for our advocacy alerts to get updates on the latest happenings from Capitol Hill.
The Reeve Foundation


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