March 08–Companion Planting

It’s been a long, cold, ugly winter, to paraphrase George Harrison. But at some point (I hope)…here comes the spring! When it does, I wish to use companion planting techniques to stop awful insects from eating up my flowers and vegetables. No Roundup. No Monsanto. I drink the water that absorbs all those poisons. No thanks.
When my bestest British friends and I were cycling up in Victoria, B.C., we stopped at the lovely Buchart Gardens. This is a reclaimed rock quarry which is now a gorgeous park. In the giftshop, I stumbled across a book called Roses Love Garlic. I think there is a companion volume called Tomatoes Love Carrots.
Anyway, the idea is that you plant marigolds around your vegetables to keep the nasty nibbling insect beasties away. You crush up eggshells and place them around your hostas to keep slugs from sliding slimily up the leaves. (Actually that one is a great tip from my mother.)
It’s Ancient History
Companion planting has been around since the time of the Native Americans, whose famous “Three Sisters” pairing consisted of beans, corn, and squash. Since shown to be remarkably healthy for the body. I was surprised and pleased to see that Auntie’s Bookstore has a copy of Roses Love Garlic, since our trip to Canada was over 20 years ago!
Of course, the Internet is always a resource too.


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